Soy milk maker

Soy milk maker
Product Code: soya-bean milk maker 017

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Soya-bean milk maker 017
Product : Soy milk maker
Model : soya-bean milk maker 017
Voltage : AC 220V
Frequency : 50Hz
Heating plate : 800W
Motor : 200W
Capacity : 1100-1300ml
N.W. : 2.1KG
G.W. : 3.0KG

Manufacturer and OEM of Soy Milk Maker, Soybean Milk Machine, Soybean Making Machine, Soya-bean Milk Machine, Soya-bean Milk Maker and so on from China.


Specific type can be designed within safety limit according to client`s Requirements and our quotation will be competitive in your market.


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Soy milk maker
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